Diálogos con Krishna

  1. krishna Says:
    May 25th, 2006 at 11:28 am
    i m a nepali. i don’t understand what u ‘ve written. will u please write few articles in english also? for people like me? i guess u people are socialists. so are we.
  1. ByRoN ArIsTiDeS Says:
    May 25th, 2006 at 1:07 pm
    whazup KRISHNA que onda my name is ByRoN ArIsTiDeS im a niggaz boy but not niga but brownie,i say, ecuadorian macho from the latin gang LATINOS DE FUEGO and also fight for socialism and iguality against RASIST AND SEGOFOVIA and bolivariano youknow i supporto HUGO CHAVES AND EVO MORALES AND FIDEL CASTOR and cocaleros all over da world, because i live in madrid in spain they stole our gold and gave masacote, isay, fucking a lot with violence and bullfighter esperma i dont know how to explicate it our girlas indigenales, but we want revenge and i like to contact people from other countrys like asia and mozambique i know maputo socialism here exiliated they in a blanket or cayuco, i mean this is a good chance for knowing SOCIALIST UNITED like in nepal dou you have latin salvatruchos regaeton over there or gangas budistales?? please visit my blog www.latinodefuego.tk and i put a link in my blog of your website LONG LIVE CHE GEVARA COMMANDER OF FAITH JESUS CRISTO
  2. socialistahonrado Says:
    May 25th, 2006 at 2:56 pm
    Dear Hare Krishna –Hare, Hare, Hare-,
    due to inexplicable reasons, I haven’t the time for putting my socialism into English. However, I’ll give you some tips about the fight for socialism in Spain. Nowadays, our top socialist parties in Spain, the ETA and the PSOE, are working hard for putting Spain into first positions of world socialism. Disobeying the law, using violence in its several forms if necessary –almost always-, spanish socialists are working hard for a better tomorrow in strong support with Morocco, Bolivia, Venezuela and Cuba. We hope in the near future we can enjoy the same socialist benefits as these lands do. The same I wish for you and your country.Now I have some questions for an asiatic socialist like you: are most nepali socialists burglars like spanish are? Are the buddhist monks socialists? Do you like Ben Laden like real socialists do? Do you know Pepito Blanco? And María de la Verga? And minister Nabona?I hope we keep in touch sharing our socialism knowledge, fighting with violence against capitalist rats. And finally, I have another request for you -you have to know spanish socialists use to end all their conversations with a powerful ‘¡Viva España!’-: it would be very kind of you, next time you write, you would do it beginning with a ‘¡Viva España!’. It would make me so happy…

    See you, dear comrade!!!

  3. krishna Says:
    May 27th, 2006 at 12:53 pm
    ‘¡Viva España!’
    although i don’t know what it means. do u people don’t know what is happening in nepal? well, let me tell you. we people have been fighting for about a decade for a communist country. our comrades control 75% of the nepali land. dont you know red flags are waving all over our mountains? about 15,000 nepali people died for that. now king is going to be kicked out . a constitutional assembly is going to be held. well, our country will fight against capitalists and imperialists. we hate bush as you do. i think we hate them much more than u do, coz they are dancing over our future. look at iraq, afganisthan, palestine…son of a bitch. they are trying to impose their ideology over asian land. i hope when they get defeated here, they wont dare to go to south america and spain.and let me tell u another thing. we nepali know a lot of things about south americans. their fight against landlords, whites. we know castro, morales, chavez and castro’s friend that che gueveraa and a lot more. you know, i became happy when i heard that venejueans threw eggs over american ambassador’s car. i salute u people. and i want u people to know about communist revolution all over asia as well.lal salam comrades
    (i.e. red salute) comrades
  4. ByRoN ArIsTiDeS Says:
    May 27th, 2006 at 6:45 pm
    hey KRISHMAS what happened with your body guey?? im so happy of talking by latin internet computers to revolusionarios like you and da man of bigote in da main photo of your website,coz he seems to be a wise man and i want to know if you have tshirts or propaganda of him with his spirict of sandunga speaking and festival de chochos,that i have paloteo i say,have hope in my mind and i have a dream as Malcom X said when i see my ñaños who are the kids of my race running crazy with their berettas guns prosecuting chickens among the huts and i imagine a world of RESPECTO, CONCHAETUMARE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE, DEMBOW with out white opresors, coz i talked my gangsta guerrilleros also called FIREBROTHERS about you and they say that we need to join our struggle to fight against your mutafuca king and ours,he was stupid fascist hijueputa bailamorena and you kicked him off also we would like to piss off LATIN KINGS from spain and from ecuador and atzlan because they steal our harvests and wear expensive blinblines, i say, jewels and wharves,theyre blackos but racist and we are more niggaz than them with clean mind and because of that we kill each other in guerrillas and organisate as a war with Jesus Cristo among our hearts and verga, only problem is the money to financiate and we sell some drugs like as farina and cost from our compadres from BOLIVIA AND COLOMBIA AND MOROCCOS because capitalist imperialist, american gringoes and white spanish didnt let us other way to eat, how do you nepalers get money for your fight? if you want we can also negociate of or whatever you want but pleaze in my mail coz of privacyi finally placed a link of your website in my weonlog i hope you so with mineSALAM RED COMRADES AND LOTS OF LEFA 4U!!!

socialistahonrado Says:
May 28th, 2006 at 6:48 pm
Hi, Krishna!!!

¡¡¡Viva España!!!

By the way, I’ve been reading about your country and the day of final socialism victory seems to be very close. In what way is the naxali guerrilla trying to spread socialism in Nepal? Are you a member of the naxalis? I have read they usually manage it by bombing selected targets, is it so? Some socialists in Spain preach socialism in the same way, and in my socialist opinion that’s the best way to fight against capitalism. Are you having problems with gurkhas? Are they socialists?

Waiting for your socialist comments,
greetings from Spain!

¡¡Viva España!!

  1. krishna Says:
    May 31st, 2006 at 12:39 pm
    ¡¡Viva España!!
    ByRoN ArIsTiDeS ,well, about the money for fight. you know, we are fighting with no money source of our own. we get food from villagers, farmers, phesants, workers and poor people. they give us shelter. we have our own state in there. we get tax from people. we have our own communication system. we have our own FMs, our own flag, ideology and courage to fight till our last breath. that’s all we have. Soldiers are not paid money for their fight. they are revolutionaries. guns are collected from police force, army and some from buying.As you have already known, we started to fight against racist, facist , capitalist and imperialist government by arrows and few pistols like guns. you know what? we have AK-47 now. we have developed technology to bring down the plane and army helicopters as well.

    you know, it is not a easy job. as i said earlier, 1000s of our comrades sacrificed for this. their visiion, spirit and sacrifice drives through perils and difficulties. that is our strength against capitalist criminals.

    if u people want to start a fight, then u must have a long term plan . a well planned one.we people here in nepal hear that colombian troops are trained by americans. those killers, rapers train colombian troops and those stupid troops kill their own people. what a shame! you people must resist that. you must get money from millionnaires, from landlords. you must distribute the land owned by those people to the common farmers. you must win the heart of your fellow people.

    i don’t understand what u said in the last paragraph. i hope we will keep in touch.

  2. krishna Says:
    May 31st, 2006 at 12:49 pm
    ¡¡¡ VIVA ESPAÑA !!!
    socialistahonrado,naxalist movement started about 3-4 decades ago. it started to distribute the land of landlords to the poor . but it was crushed by the indian government in india and in Nepal, it is still going on in a way although some of them caught another way. the maoist movement is in the peak now here. they have become the most powerful force in the country. as you know, it is still rising. it is spreading to our neighbouring country india also. due to this, capitalist Americans and Indian governments are scared. if u see data, maoists in india are rising in a alarming rate.as u said that naxalists bomb secret place, it is in a way so. in this decade long war in nepal, maoists have made a new tactic. they say that ” thousand punch in a same time”. look at it. it is very effective. they attack every thing that helps the capitalists. they attack multinatinal companies. they attack capitalist and imperialist government’s communication, barracks, bridges, offices and everything at a time. they have succeded.

    u must be proud to hear that our maoist comrades were inspired in a way by the peruvian maoists. although ours is more effective. they both belive in creating a kind of wave spontaneously and suddenly. that is more effective.

    keep writing about your fight against kings of spain, American capitalists and that colombian “america loving” man just elected.!!!

  3. socialistahonrado Says:
    May 31st, 2006 at 2:51 pm
    Hi, Krishna!!! Viva España!!!
    You have pointed at the right direction, Uribe is trying to ruin the FARC guerrilla by collapsing the cocain export to capitalist countries. Happily, Chaves is helping them, so the coke continues its flow to America and Europe, in strong support with Castro and Morales. Who controls the heroin export in Nepal? I hope that money flows to maoist revolutionaries. You say you don’t have money, but I don´t understand why chinese comrades don’t give you support, they are very socialist, you know.When you kick off your king, what is your idea of social organization for the future? Are you going to create gulags like leader Stalin did for reeducating capitalist rats? What have you in mind for those imperialist collaborators?
    Are there many policemen and soldiers who belong in the shadow to your maoist guerrilla? And another question, you say over thousand people have sacrificed their life for socialism, but I hope the casualties of the government followers are much more higher than yours, am I right?Bye! Viva España!
  4. krishna Says:
    June 3rd, 2006 at 1:35 pm
    Viva España!
    well, we dont sell drugs. we have enough source to support our revolution. and as you said, there are of course some casualties in government side also. and as we all know they are the poor people like us. but we also know that that is how it goes. what else way can we see? just keep watching our country going in the hand of capitaists? of course no. we want a just society. that is why we are fighting.about china, as we al know, it is a socialist country. it says that it doesn’t entervene in other countries internal affairs as america does. i also sometime get confused with it.lal salam!
  5. ByRoN ArIsTiDeS Says:
    June 7th, 2006 at 5:18 pm
    ¡¡¡Aguante Ecuador!!! ¡¡¡Bread and palote!!!whazup KRISHMA respect! how ya feeling mi gente and of course all your soldiers brother of arms? here in Spain is summer much hot invasion of palomines and difficult to eat and hunt because harvests and stores are almost stolen or burned by Latin Kings who are protected by capitalist system in despite of president Zapatero and torero ministries with the great change in atentates on 11 March as the famous song by Ana Belen;this is much dificult to explain here i will do in other place and dedicate a post a full in my blog 4 da friendship between Latinos de Fuego guerrilla and support of Krishma and rest of Comunist Party (which here is said Fiesta or Jarana) of Nepal there is certanly some differences of doctrine coz you are mahoist and we like Mahou also a lot but also inspirated by Padrecito Stalin and Paul Pot but TROSKY PENDEGO EAT THE CONCHA OF VELASCO and we are united 4everyou know it is an pride platicate 2U i know i repeat very times but is true i recently saw your assault pacific for peace an revolusion in the theater of Katmandu and i talked with my superior his alias is Roddy Rudelfo though we have not military degrees coz we are all the same humans no black no red no yellow and he is very interested of countinuing the friendship coz some day we are united in a army of workers, poors and galletas campurrianas;

    this is an utopy i know but the end of the world as we know is as near as the chimos of Roddy Rudelfo, he is a wise man and gives you red salutes from his secret place

    is a pity you dont sell drugs, we have lots of drugs and is the only guey to survive and i imagine how difficult you try to get the power, no weapons, no food, no bunch of gominoles… North Korea would be a great alliated? anyway Jesus Christ will protect you but i dont know your religion is hinduist? musulmanic? budistic? testiculo of Jehova? any sect like Sons of Zurraspa?


  6. krishna Says:
    June 11th, 2006 at 11:16 am
    Viva España!
    ByRoN ArIsTiDeS ,here in Nepal, we don’t hear much about the latin revolution now-a-days.i don’t know why. is it because of the media that belongs to the capitalists themselves or you people are still ready to pay the kings for their shiny shoes? i don’t understand this. what’s going on in latin America? why is colombia won by USA loving man? what about the bolivian revolution?you know,the media are controlled by the Europeans and the USAns. i suppose it is happening because of that.keep in touch

    lal salam!

  7. ByRoN ArIsTiDeS Says:
    June 15th, 2006 at 2:51 pm
    Bread and palote!!!!! Aguante Ecuador Si Se Puede!!!!! Aguante Nepal!!!!!In efectivaly my dear compadre Krishma all media and publicantios and radios and folleteos called brochures of propaganda is controlled by gringos and european toreros or flamenquines a la plancha, the german fascistics and also from luxemburgous, as big moustache as ever, stronger as stones, ,specialmentelly spanish who stoled all our gold in century 15 and pringated of white espermastozudos i dont know the exact word our millenary race, colour of cofee with milk, un caragillo, and our folklore they fucked it up with their stupid tecnology and ruedas and fire all destroyed and opressed with their language and books capitalists, repressure from the emperor of spain Ferdinando Vis the obsese sexual chupando botijos VIVA LA RASA and we laugh of it but is so sad and thats why all latinos are inmigrating to europe: is our revenge morena in which the who we will killem as they violated our llamas and mummias stupid race, i hate them despite of they give us many helps and money and homes to live with our families Ezperansa Agirre the worst from ladilla, but this is to keep us silently and we killem every night, maybe one or two or three, is the gerrilla of Che Gevara, and after that the news bulletin called Mira Quien Baila lies lies and lies and lies, allways mapaches dressed of lights sunrises falses and why of that fuck the system! one day we will have the power to destroy the royal residence where live the king the prime minister and the secretarys Marina Dor City of Sandunga, and then we will hav the power and exterminate white men in europe, there will be only kokroaches and Leyre Pajin, socialist 4everin latinamerica Evo Morales has great support from the poor people the harvesters and so that but he is a puppet of Bush, he seems he is socialist and revolusionary??? dont think that my ñaño Krishma, he wants to destroy all vicuñas for our children to die of cold, the famous chompa of caprabo, he only wants cocaleros (cocaine producers) to rich himself and sell to the poors, is the fish who bites his own cimbel, like a wheel, rounded and hateful wheel. In brazil Lula demonstrated the same and Los Sin Tierra are taking the power a base de pollazos, spreading more and more children to fight: its horrible, the school they losed, but it is that only way. Ecuador is a fuckin chaos: cars burning, monos owling, women crying, explosions, robbery, smell to death, El Puma… regaeton is the only exit to all, music and love is not peace but it is almost for trostkistikts who dont believe in revolusion,parasites sin bragas,and we inmigrante a lot and country is almost a desert,only hippies and drugers,the shame of our glorious trayectory you know? In Peru we almost control 20% of army and main drug market, also in honduras and venezuela VIVA HUGO CHAVES the commander of Venesuela, the follower of Fidel Castor, he has no fear to imperialism or to Ramon Garcia: heroe is his name, is very dificult to reach his radio comunications. Colombia… well forget it, Uribe won again and he is like Hitler but moreno, he dont drugs him and is the dog of Condoleeza Rice,maybe FARC is weak and almost jailed as Al Qaedathats more or less the situation,no cachondeo at all, i hope it explains you some things, please could you say if you suport Al Qaeda? yo think socialist and islam are compatible? i dont know much of ideology of Nepal? really think so of it i want your opinion plz, but i have a trip of business: weapons and drugs for two weeks to Lithuania, we want recruit an army and it needs time and money, ardillas dont fall from chopos everyday and yogur de mortadela!!! hajhajhjahaj!!!!! it was a joke, sorry, we never lose humor


  8. krishna Says:
    June 26th, 2006 at 2:14 pm
    what ever the stituation is in Latin America, we all support your courageous fight against the imperials and the bloody capitalista. the day will come and is not far . equality will prevail all over the world. Do u know how a candle extinguishes? well, before it extenguishes,it lights brightly. that is what is happening to the capitalists. they are doing this or that ruthlessly and stupidly. this is the beginning of their end.
    keep up your revolution.
  9. socialistahonrado Says:
    June 26th, 2006 at 10:08 pm
    Hi Krishna!! Viva España!!
    Glad to see you again!! Well, these days I’ve been fighting hard in my internet revolution. It’s a pity you don’t understand spanish, but you have to know I’ve had a lot of imperialist visitors. People like Ainhoa, Xabi (his real name is Javier) and Alphaddl (also known as Alpha-Charly) would make you sick if you could understand them. They are very capitalist, you know, they are Bush followers and they like maoists in no way, can you believe it? Such miserable people!! Maybe it’s better you don’t understand these sons of Zion… I hope ByRoN comes back soon from his business trip to Lithuania and helps me in the combat against these dollar lovers. He’s an outstanding revolutionary, you know.Keep in touch Krishna! Viva España!
  10. krishna Says:
    June 29th, 2006 at 12:20 pm
    ! Viva España!
    well, kick those bloody dollar lovers. those dogs. as u know, dogs eat bones thrown by us. they eat dollars thrown by US. haha. they are tails of USA. they protect USA from flies and also protect their shyness. like a tail of buffalo as well. just b bold and fight. good luck to u. I m sure one day they won’t participate in this blog. “dogs biten by fire get afraid when lightening occurs”. that is what an old nepali saying says.lal salam
  11. ByRoN ArIsTiDeS Says:
    July 16th, 2006 at 6:27 pm

Diálogo completo.

11 respuestas to “Diálogos con Krishna”

  1. Roddy Says:

    Descojonante. Gracias por la clonación. Los fans de Byron te estamos agradecidos. ¡Viva España!

  2. socialistahonrado Says:

    Viva siempre!!! Respect!!!

  3. Bukowski Says:


    In efectivaly my dear compadre Krishma all media and publicantios and radios and folleteos called brochures of propaganda is controlled by gringos and european toreros or flamenquines a la plancha, the german fascistics and also from luxemburgous,


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  4. Jesu Says:

    ¡¡Qué barbaridad!! Espero que el tal Byron sea alguien que esté de coña, porque si no, lástima tengo por él…

    ¡Viva España, camaradas comunistas! 😆

  5. socialistahonrado Says:

    ByRoN se encuentra prácticamente desaparecido desde que comenzó a dedicarse a la publicidad.
    Seguramente estará de viaje de novios en Mozambique con su girla la Wendy. Esperemos que vuelva pronto, recemos por él…

  6. Bukowski Says:

    El tal Byron es la quintaesencia del HOYGAN a la enésima potencia. Le dedicaría mi blog entero.

  7. ByRoN ArIsTiDeS Says:

    B.A. Da DeAlEr Of LoVe represenctando Nasion de Fuego con un pequeño pedaso de la ultima rimaera de la produxion «EstoY AlivE GrasiA» pa gloria del Omino Presente y tuniada en unas estronfas pa respecto de Socialista Honrao y Krishmas aun que duela a muchos el ByRon esta renasido de sus pascuas:

    yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

    They give me muerto they give me 4 asecinado
    or deportado butt they wasntt en lo sierto
    Im renasido it can desirce that reborneado
    like un bebito coz I feel now soy more experto

    More accurado en cada shot de mi Bereta
    More fuckandoso and da powa of my verg most prieta
    More bendesido I follow dieta de Hostia y Wino

    All gueys enjoyo su blogg n’ le estoy agradesido
    coz esta dedicado and it do looks bien chido
    naw U-R my pana 4EVA SoSiAlIsTa HoNrAdO
    esta a fire in my minda con esto se a rankiado

    Buen troso agradesido n’ a lote emosionado
    expecto that el Krishna no se haya inmolado
    otha fingersign 2U n’ Salami 4 UR fellas
    indigenal or blacko nuke’em duro las escuelas!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :::ByRoN ArIsTiDeS 07:::

  8. blazquez Says:

    Es la mas extraordinaria muestra de humor e ironía que he leído en muchos años………… sencillamente irrepetible…… socialista honrado, eres un puto genio.


  9. socialistahonrado Says:

    Gracias, blazquez, pero hay que reconocer que la mayor parte del mérito es de mi pana ByRoN. Eso es innegable. Saludos!!!

  10. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  11. ByRoN ArIsTiDeS Says:

    irdretrorcer this is site bolivariano of pana Socialist Honrated if not like U go fast and furious to fachos webs n i say 2U 1 think I dont simpatice U irdetrotece search 2 me in my hoodz latino I got many carnales n gonna ching UR ass with piña U know that is piña dont son of pute is like potato but chocolate tasty n toreador flavor WENDY SULCA I LOVE U

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